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WOD - Tuesday 2021-03-30


We’ll be starting our cycle of establishing current barbell 1 rep maxes with the Push Press. The push press has excellent carry over into both the snatch and jerk, as it requires strong leg drive, press out, and overhead core stabilization. We’ll take 20 minutes to find a max single, then we’ll wrap up with a 12 minutes amrap of push-ups with a run twist.



  • Spidermans x 5 each (elbow drop + reach)

  • Barbell lat stretch x 45s each

  • Prone angels x 10

  • KB windmills x 5 each

Barbell prep

  • 5 Front squats

  • 5 Strict press w/ 3 sec OH hold

  • 5 Dip + Drive

  • 5 Push press


Push Press

20 min to find 1 rm

Amrap 12


Every break, run 250m


Banded shoulder stretch

Pec mash

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