WOD - Tuesday 2021-04-13


Mixing things up today by putting our conditioning before the strength. We’ll start by testing ourselves with an 800m run. Not quite a sprint, but also not a long distance run, this 800m run should be a hard push, comparable to the 1,000m row from last week. Once recovered, we’ll change gears and finish the day with an emom of push press and barbell rows.



  • Spidermans x 5 each (elbow drop + reach)

  • Daisy pickers

  • Quad stretch

  • Frankensteins

  • Down dog

  • Back kicks (ACL)

  • Gates - open/close

  • Butt kickers

  • High knees

  • 1 lap run

After 800m, before Emom

  • 10 Prone angels

  • 5 Dip + Jump

  • 30s Handstand hold

  • 30s Ring rows

  • 10 Good mornings

  • Build to 65%


For time:

800m Run

Emom x 12

5 Push Press @65%

5 Barbell Rows


Hamstring stretch

Wall hinge