WOD - Wednesday 2020-12-09


Today’s WOD is on the shorter side, which means we can expect a little extra intensity. Body weight back squats and strict pull-ups. Our goal will be to transition smoothly from one movement to the other, with minimal rest between each round. The squats should feel challenging on round 1, and so should our pull-up variation. We’ll look to hit the squats in no more than 2 sets, and the pull-ups in no more than 3. If needed, we can up the intensity on the pull-ups by making them chest to bar, or by adding weight.



  • 3 min. Squat

  • Spidermans x 5 each

  • Lat roll x 1 min each


  • Emom x 6

  • 5 Squats

  • 5 Pull-ups

  • Build weight each set


Amrap 8

10 Back Squats (body weight or 60-65% of 1rm)

10 Strict Pull-ups


3 Sets

Bent arm hold x 60 seconds

5 RFE split squats each


Couch Stretch

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