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WOD - Wednesday 2020-12-16


Today’s WOD is a barbell burner.  Don’t be deceived by the light bar weight and relatively low reps - this will be spicy.  Strict press, sumo deadlift high pulls, and front squats will tax our shoulders, midline, legs, grip,and lungs.  Take short breaks between movements, but strive for unbroken sets of each.  Warmup is focused on getting our shoulders and posterior ready for sustained efforts - treat it as though every rep is the most important rep of the day.

We’ll finish with a little extra shoulder and core work.



  • Trap mash x 1 min each

  • 3 min Foundations

  • Yogi push-ups x 10

  • Squats x 15


  • Amrap 6 min

  • 1 min. Jumping jacks

  • 10 Ground to OH

  • 10 Plate squats


Amrap 12:

4 shoulder presses

8 sumo deadlift high pulls

12 front squats

♀ 55 lb. ♂ 75 lb.


3-4 Rounds

2 Laps Bottom up KB carry

15 Toes to post


Adductor stretch/roll

Trap mash

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