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WOD - Wednesday 2021-01-13


Pick things up and put them down. Nothing like a deadlift day to break up your week! We’ll keep our rep scheme simple with a 5x5 structure. Look to get plenty of warm-up reps in, and aim to start your first set at 75% or higher of your 1 rep max. KEEP TIGHT. No ego lifting today - if your mechanics break down ANYWHERE, fix it before moving on.



  • Hamstring foam roll

  • Lat foam roll


  • Bird dogs 4x20s each

  • 10 Good mornings

  • 10 Back squats

  • 10 Glute bridges each

  • Build bar weight 40-50-60-70%, then 75%+ for first working set





1-2 lap walk around building

Hamstring stretch

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