WOD - Wednesday 2021-02-03


Today’s WOD is a little different. It combines efficient rowing with heavy-ish front squats, two very leg taxing movements. Each round we’ll be looking to reach our target row distance in as few pulls as possible (number of pulls will determine how many squats follow). However, this is also for time. For the front squats, we’ll want to choose a weight we can hit at least 8 unbroken reps when fresh (prescribed bar is bodyweight or 65% of your 1rm). When on the rower, we’ll want to maintain strong pulls with a slow recovery. Will you save time on the row by moving fast, or slow your pace to reduce the total number of squats?



  • Foam roll lats

  • Spidermans x 5 each (t-spine and hamstring)

  • 3 min squat with plate and ankle work

5 Rounds, building to working squat weight

  • 150m Row

  • 3 x 3s negative chin-ups

  • 5 Front squats


7 rounds for time of:

Row 100♀ / 150♂meters in as few pulls as possible

After each row, perform 1 bodyweight front squat for each pull taken — e.g., if it takes 12 pulls on the rower, complete 12 front squats before starting the next round. Reset the rower prior to each round.


Quad stretch

Foam roll hips

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