WOD - Wednesday 2021-02-10


Today’s WOD is light, yet punishing on the lungs and midline. Thrusters and double unders should have us breathing plenty heavy, while the v-ups tax our midline. We’ll want a weight that allows us to complete all 30 thrusters in 2 sets, and a jump rope variation that keeps us under a minute of work. The first set of v-ups should be unbroken, with the following 3 rounds challenged by our rate of breath while essentially folding ourselves in half. This is very much a peddle to the metal type of WOD with very short yet intentional rests worked in.


  • 3 min. Plate squat

  • Calf stretch x 30s each

  • Prayer stretch x 60s

5 Rounds

  • 10 Hollow rocks

  • 10 Empty bar thrusters w/ 3s hold at top

  • 30 reps each round, progressing from jumping jacks to WOD variation of jump rope


4 Rounds for time:

15 V-ups

30 Thrusters 45/65 (light weight)

45 Double unders


Quad and calf foam roll

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