WOD - Wednesday 2021-02-17


Today’s WOD is a 20 minute amrap of power cleans, burpees, chin-ups, and weighted knee raises. We’ll look to load our barbell to around 70% of our 1 rep max, or a weight that requires focus for 3 reps, but can be completed with not more than 3-5 seconds between reps. Burpees will be bar facing, and we’ll change things up a little with a reverse grip for our pull-ups. Knee raises should be performed with a weight that will challenge us through all 12 reps. Expect this to be VERY GRIPPY.


  • Forearm stretch x 60s each

  • Prayer stretch x 60s

  • 2 Rounds empty bar complex X 5 reps

5 Rounds:

  • 3 Cleans, building to WOD weight

  • 3 No push-up burpees

  • 3 Negative chin-ups, building to WOD assistance

  • 6 Knee raises


Amrap 20:

3 Power cleans

6 Bar facing burpees

9 Chin-ups

12 Weighted knee raises


Foam roll lats

Foam roll forearms

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