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WOD - Wednesday 2021-04-28


Stable shoulders and braced cores are the focus for today’s 2 part strength day. We’ll start by building to a heavy single of Turkish Get-ups on each arm, and then move into some giant sets of deadbugs, waiter carries, bird dogs, and handstand holds.


Warm Up

  • 1 Lap around building, directly into 3 rounds

  • 10 Legs swings each

  • 10 Gorilla squats

  • 10 Yogi push-ups

  • 10 Straight leg sit-ups

  • 30s Bike


Turkish Get-ups

6x1 each

Build to heavy

4 Giant sets

40s Deadbug hold

1 lap waiter carry per side

40s Bird dogs

1 minute Handstand hold


Wall hinge

Cobra pose

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